The Boat and Crew

The Boat


Alberg 29 

(From the 1980 Nye Yachts Alberg 29 brochure)

The full keel traditional line of Carl Alberg’s designs have long commanded the respect of the yachting world. Their shorter waterline and long counter add speed in both light and heavy air. The fair hull shape and full keel (not long keel) provide a tracking ability and comfort in a seaway which few other designs can match.

What then, is the difference between the Alberg 29 and other designs by the same architect? She is a more modern hull with increased stiffness resulting from firmer bilges, increased beam and the fact that her fullness is further aft. In addition, a deeper draft and wider keel lowering the center of ballast (lead) by several inches along with a higher ballast-displacement ratio, add to her stability.

The bows are finer than other designs and the keel more cut away, reducing wetting surface.

A higher aspect mastead-rig and larger foretriangle result in better balance, less weather helm and more efficient windward performance. Her stiffness results in an ability to carry more sail.

A beamier hull provides comfort. The galley is laid out for safety in heavy seas or while racing, and the quarter berth navigation table is new to Alberg production boats. The craftmanship and attention to quality are unsurpassed.

There is a difference in “full keel” yachts and even between similar Alberg designs. For the cruising yachtsman, there is no reason to sacrifice speed, performance and club racing for the comfort and safety of a sea-going vessel.


LOA: 29’3” LWL: 22’3” Beam: 9’2” Draft: 4’6”

Sail area: 416 sq. ft. Displacement: 9000lbs.

Keel: 4000lbs Motor: 15 hp diesel

PHRF Rating: 222 Hull Speed: 6.32 knots

Builder: Nye Yachts


The Crew



I’ve been around boats my whole life; fishing, kayaking and I’ve been sailing for more than 15 years. My dream is to make sailing my way of life. Baby steps…… My first boat was a McVay minuet. Then I upgraded to a 25ft Northern, she was a lovely boat but I needed a boat I could cruise the ocean with when the time came. I purchased Diana, an Alberg 29 in August 2005. She is built for the sea with beautiful classic lines that will suit us well on our trip south.



I’m not a born sailor like my partner Steve, in fact, I'm not a terribly good swimmer and I have a slight irrational fear of fish. Steve introduced me to sailing through his love of the water and his passion for boats. I soon discovered, this would be the adventure I was looking for. After sailing for 7 seasons, including one crazy adventure sailing Diana back to Canada from Florida, I have to admit, sailing has pushed my limits and allowed me to connect with nature in ways I never could have imagined.