Nov 25 to Nov 28 2011

November 25, 2011

It’s a cloudy, windy day in Fort Pierce, Florida with winds gusting to 25 MHP from the NE moving to East by this evening.

We were sad to leave our little anchorage this morning but it’s time to explore new places yay J

We took advantage of the winds and motor-sailed most of the day. This helps with fuel consumption and is generally more fun; the boat sits in the water and handles the waves much better.


In transit…A barge and tug boat we met on the way to Lake Worth Nov_25_Mangroves_resized.jpg


The scenery was beautiful as usual. There is a lot of activity on the water being the American Thanksgiving Weekend – boats EVERYWHERE. The closer we got to Jupiter City the more lavish the scenery became!


A pristine looking golf course


Close up of part of the course…


I wonder what their green fees are!?!?

I know I said I would not post any more big-beautiful-rich-home pictures again but I couldn’t resist. Check these out!!!


This boat is docked at its residences personal dock – nice set up eh!??! J


We’ve seen the above picture frequently during this trip; where natural tributaries or inlets once lined with mangroves and filled with wildlife get bulldozed to create these heavy populated areas. Sure, it looks beautiful but imagine what it was like in its natural state?


This is an actual Chip Wagon on the WATER!!! I doubt they have any poutine ;) Diana is a little too big to pull up to this one though :( 


Ok – last one!!! Jupiter City water front is quite the sight!!


This is just a pretty picture of a boat coming through one of the many bridges we came under today

We were safely anchored in Lake Worth around 1730hrs just as the sun was setting. There are many boats here – I’m sure there are about 50 boats in this anchorage – most of which are here to do the same thing – get ready to cross into the Bahamas.


Lake Worth anchorage – Diana is in the middle of this picture…she is a little fish in a big pond!


Another view of the anchorage.

November 26, 2011

Lake Worth is a busy place!!

The area to dock our dinghies is a little sketchy to say the least. It’s a small area, hidden out of the way, under a bridge. It has a sandy beach-like entrance with a fence to tie the boats up to. We were warned that dinghies get stolen here a lot and need to be locked up. As we pulled up to the area, there is a “High Risk of Theft” sign spray painted on the cement bridge – YIKES! Fortunately during the day, many cruisers come and go from this area so if it’s locked it should be fine. Our lock system wasn’t beefy enough, so we went to West Marine to get a better lock system…50$ later – mission accomplished! We then headed to a mall because my shin splints were telling me it was time for a new pair of running shoes.

On our way back from the mall, we came across the weirdest looking duck. Steve called it the ugliest duck he has ever seen ;) Its face was sort of like a cross between a duck and a turkey. It wags its bottom tail side to side like a dog – so strange. As I approached the pond to take a picture, they saw us and quickly headed toward us looking for food.


I will check my bird books to find out what kind of duck this is…they are very friendly.


Steve and the ducks J

That was pretty much our excitement for the day Ha!!

We headed back to the boat for supper and had an early night.

November 27, 2011 – to whenever…

We are spending the next couple of weeks in Lake Worth getting Diana ready for the Bahamas. Here, we will provision for the many months we will be in the Bahamas and re-organizing the boat to fit it all. We will also be completing a few maintenance projects while we are here, like oil changes, caulking etc... I will not be updating very much during this time as it won’t be terribly exciting and access to the internet is limited. So, Chasing Ice will be on a bit of a hiatus for the next couple of weeks…stay tuned…

November 28, 2011


Traffic in North Palm Beach – YUCK!!

We do not miss the hustle and bustle of city life – AT ALL!! In fact, when we come to land and have to face this, we are quickly annoyed and wonder how we will deal with it when we get back to our real lives in 2012…oh well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

This is a very wealthy area with little in the way of “affordable services” close by like Walmart (I know I said I would never go to one again but I’ve loosened up a bit since starting this trip...a subject I will address at a later time), Home Depots, Hardware Stores or Laundry Mats. Most of these places are more than 26 miles from here (according to Google Maps); a very expensive cab ride or long city bus ride to which I’m not sure we are up for that right now. Instead we are focusing on boat projects and stuffing the boat with as much food as possible.

Today, Steve re-organized the cockpit locker while I began to inventory all our supplies.

I quickly became bored with counting cans and was overwhelmed by the smell of dirty laundry. I noticed our laundry hamper was growing at a rapid rate and we were finally out of clean underwear. With no laundry mat in sight, it was time to start doing laundry by hand on board. BOOO I say!! This is another task I was dreading. I always knew we would be doing laundry by hand at some point but I sort of put it out of my mind until now that is.

Throughout the trip so far, we have been spoiled with the availability of ice, laundry mats and fresh water. As a result, we have been using as much as we want and as freely as we want knowing we could get more at our next stop. This will not be the case in the Bahamas. In fact, ice and water will be expensive and not easy to get and forget about laundry mats.  So, we need to seriously start rationing our water, living with less ice (as I shed a tear) and scrubbing our dirty clothes by hand in preparation for the Bahamas.

In an effort to ration our fresh water and with Steve’s urging - we have begun to use salt water to do all of the scrubbing; our dishes, our bodies and now our clothing. Then we rinse with the most minimal amount of fresh water possible. A tip from Rod at the RYC was to fill a spray water bottle with fresh water and use it for the final rinse for dishes and our bodies after swimming. GREAT IDEA!! The water bottle diffuses the water and rinses just as well and we use MUCH less as a result. The laundry however, was a little more taxing; having to soak, scrub, rinse then ring each piece out – it was a work out alright and took most of the afternoon. Once we hung everything out to dry on the life lines - we agreed that we could do this. Fortunately, we have the time as I could not imagine doing laundry by hand at home – hooray for modern conveniences!!

At the end of the day, we headed to a marina nearby to fill up our water, ice, fuel and get a pump out. We began a consumption log to see how long we can stretch out our water – this will help us determine how long we can be at anchor without having to go to shore. We are looking forward to finding that perfect anchorage in the Bahamas; a secluded island with crystal clear-blue water, lots of wildlife and great snorkeling. We are hoping we can stretch our water out over two weeks…the challenge is on!