May 23 to May 31 2012

May 23, 2012 

ICW trip from Charleston S.C. to Norfolk Virginia

Since this will be our third trip along the ICW, I will spare you the tedious details. I will, however, cover the trip in pictures!                                                                                                                     


Lots and lots of horse flies – the war is on!!!


May 23, 2012 – Ben Sawyer Bridge Charleston – officially on the ICW


May 23, 2012 – ICW on our way to the Santee River


May 24, 2012 The ever beautiful Waccamaw River


May 24, 2012 – Pretty butterfly on the Waccamaw River


May 25, 2012 Holden Beach, N.C


May 25, 2012 Cape Fear Lighthouse, N.C


May 26, 2012 Osprey Nest marker “80” Sloop Point near Onslow, N.C


May 27, 2012 Morehead City, N.C in crazy Memorial Day traffic


May 27, 2012 Anchorage Cedar Point on Adam’s Creek N.C.


May 28, 2012 Hobucken, N.C Only on the ICW can you get FUEL and SEAFOOD at the same place ;)


May 28, 2012 Awesome trees along the Pungo River shoreline


May 28, 2012 Sunset at anchor on the Pungo River

May 29, 2012…we may have run aground this morning at the entrance to the Alligator River….and we may have had taken an hour and used every method we knew to get free but since I don’t have any photos of it…it doesn’t count ;)


May 29, 2012 a hundred and ten miles of ICW to go to Norfolk – woohoo!! 


May 29, 2012 Alligator River, another wet and squally day…Beryl is out there along the coast as a tropical depression delivering lots of rain, wind and squalls threatening to become a tropical storm.


May 30, 2012 Albemarle Sound – mile marker “65”


May 30, 2012…wet, wet, wet day in the Virginia Cut Route – remnants of Beryl


May 30, 2012 – wet…wet…wet…miserable day…have I mentioned that yet?!?! Pruny feet J


May 31, 2012 Centreville Turnpike Bridge, VA

We made it!! We are in Chesapeake City, VA and staying at the Atlantic Yacht Basin. What a lucky stop! We planned to stay at a marina in Norfolk as we needed to get to a marine store, a grocery store and laundry…badly before going to New York, but we got held up at the Great Bridge in Chesapeake City and needed to kill an hour until the next opening so we stopped at the Yacht Basin for fuel/water. As we pulled up to the fuel dock we saw a familiar boat - Polar Pacer, a 37 foot catamaran with our Canadian friends Tom and Chris who we met in Florida then bumped into in them in the Bahamas. They mentioned how cheap this place was and they had everything we needed as for laundry, grocery, marine store and FREE WIFI. For a 1$ a foot, we chose to stay right here and tuck Diana in for the night so we could get to work.

The Atlantic Yacht Basin has a marine store and working boat yard on site with covered sheds! We picked up a few things at the marine store then went for a short walk to the mecca of North American shopping – the strip mall. It had it all; banks, grocery store, restaurants and even a hair salon. We BOTH desperately needed a haircut since Steve’s visit to “Manda’s Hair Salon” in Long Island. We walked in and they took one look at our shagginess and took us in right away. We emerged different people and are now presentable to the public again J We then spent a small fortune in groceries then got a ride back from the grocery store to the marina – we love it here!! Once the groceries were put away, we got started on laundry and met Tom and Chris for drinks later on in the evening.

All we need now is a weather window to get to New York before the 7th…time is ticking.