Jun 08 to Jun 14 2012

June 08 to June 10, 2012

A wonderful few days in New York with Steve’s kids; Val, Ricky and his boyfriend Dan.

First thing this morning we got the dinghy off the deck, pumped it full of air then make our way to the 79th Street Boat Basin office to register and pay up for the week. The Boat Basin is located in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. We could not ask for a better location. Our only complaint is how dirty the shower and bathroom is. This is not a fancy place and we are ok with that but at least keep the facilities clean. I will leave it at that because for 180$ a week, this is really cheap accommodation for New York and we consider ourselves lucky to have it. We still had a nice hot shower even though we had to wear shoes and be careful not to touch the walls ;)


Diana moored at the 79th Street Boat Basin

Feeling human once again; clean, smelling good and in fresh clothes, we hailed a yellow cab in true New York fashion to take us to the gang at their hotel.

I cannot express how good it felt to see their smiling faces waiting for us in the lobby. I’m so happy we were able to get here to do this.

All hungry and eager to get started exploring this exciting city we set off! We covered so much in a 48 hours period – it’s hard to believe. In a nutshell, we went to the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA), saw a show on Off Broadway, hung out in Central Park and ate ice cream, walked around Time Square, rode the Subway, ate at neat delis and restaurants, visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) and had a Sunset Cruise along New York harbor. Here is a recap in pictures J

Day 1

After breakfast/lunch at a great little deli that had the best salad bar I have ever seen, we headed to The Museum of Modern Art.


The gang at MOMA


Van Gogh’s “Starry Nights”…one of many wonderful works of art we saw at the MOMA.



I took way too many photos to post on the site so I will leave it with these famous pieces. Just be sure to check out the MOMA if you are ever in New York – you won’t regret it!


Hanging out in Central Park


The gang IN Time Square

We had dinner at a local pub then went to the theatre. We were able to get tickets to the Off Broadway show “Newsical the Musical” – a comedy about current events done to music. A strange combination but it was very well done and every bit hilarious!

Day 2


The Met!


The Goddess Diana J


I LOVE this piece!! 7th-8th century porcelain Mexican “Smiling” figure

Another amazing museum and too many pictures to post – add this one to your “must see in New York” list too!

We then made our way back to the boat via the Subway to begin our Sunset Cruise. First, we stopped at a place called Zabars for snacks and sandwiches for the cruise. A fellow cruiser who we met in Oriental recommended this place as a “must stop” in New York. It is conveniently located two blocks from the Boat Basin and let me tell you – this is my idea of FOOD PARADISE!! Zabars is one of New York’s oldest and well-known delis. I simply fell in love! From the olive bar, to the walls of specialty cheese, to the fruit and veg, to the bakery with so much bread I put on two pounds just looking at it! I want to live here – funny I didn’t take a picture – I was just too excited I think.  Needless to say, I spent a small fortune in cheese, veggies, bread, olives and sweets for our cruise – it did NOT go to waste J


A view of the NY skyline on our sunset cruise

It was a short but really fun visit. Before we knew it, the boys were getting on a bus back to Toronto and Val was getting on her shuttle to the airport to take her back to Ottawa from Grand Central Station – another really interesting place here. We could have easily spent the day here just people watching. 


Outside Grand Central Station


I now have a visual for the saying “Feels like Grand Central Station”


Escalator – everything is clean and well taken care of…the bathrooms were spotless!


The train!! I love it here!!!!

On our walk to Central Park we ran into a Puerto Rican/Latin American parade with loud music, dancing and floats galore – how fun J What’s a visit to New York without seeing a parade?!?!?


Wonderful chaos!!


She totally posed for Steve ;)

Steve and I walked through Central Park wondering where to go next when we thought of Chinatown. We excitedly hopped the subway and headed downtown to Chinatown to look for a great place to eat.


Busy streets of Chinatown

Chinatown is a BUSY place with streets markets, fruit stands and people everywhere trying to sell you stuff. Occasionally, someone would brush by and whisper “Gucci?” “Need a watch?” It was awesome!! Souvenirs are cheap here and I recommend making the trip to get them. The quality is the same and the experience is much more interesting.

We were getting hungry and asked around for a good street for food. We were pointed in the direction of Moot Street. We used Steve’s tried and true method of choosing a restaurant in a new location by picking the busiest one with the most locals. It works every time and we did not regret it!


Our feast!! A lamb hot pot on the left, Chow Mein in the middle and a vegetarian hot pot on the right.

After dinner, we rolled ourselves to the Subway Station and made our way back to the boat for a much needed nap.

June 11, 2012

We took advantage of our first real day off to sleep in and regroup since our ocean passage.

By late morning, after our coffee we made our way to shore to do a load of laundry and stretch our legs. Manhattan is well set up for walking, biking and running with many parks and trails to choose from. The 79th Street Boat Basin is located right along one of these paths filled with beautiful people getting fit. Feeling a little guilty, I made a sad attempt to join them and struggled through a 30 minute jog while Steve had a relaxing walk and enjoyed the “scenery” ;) We love this place!!

For some reason we cannot get a good internet connection from the boat so we packed up our machines and headed to the Coffee Bean to take advantage of their free internet and power connection.  We charged every device we could while getting caught up on emails.

June 12, 2012

The rain rolled in by late morning, just after my run and Steve’s walk. We did our second load of laundry, had lunch then headed back the boat to relax and watch a movie. We emerged between rain drops to go for a little walk down Amsterdam Ave and Broadway where we spotted many interesting restaurants our budget would not allow us to frequent but it was fun to window shop just the same.

June 13, 2012

It rained all night and all morning so our last day in New York was spent mostly indoors, getting sorted out to make the trip up the Hudson. We did one last internet stop at the Coffee Bean, had lunch at the 5 Napkin Burger – excellent burgers and they weren’t kidding about the five napkins J then stopped to pick up a few groceries at Zabars on our way back to the boat.

The rain clouds cleared by mid-afternoon so while Steve was cleaning the dark dirty moustache around Diana’s boot stripe (thanks Hudson River), I headed to shore for my last run in New York and it was wonderful.

June 14, 2012

We had a great week in New York and are very happy to have finally made the stop but it’s time again to head north. The Hudson River packs quite a punch with a current that can run as high as 3 or 4 kts. Our strategy for this leg of the trip is to travel as much as possible with the flood tide to help push us up the river. Around 1130hrs we let the mooring lines go to head up the Hudson to begin the 135 mile trip to Castleton, NY.


George Washington Bridge

The Hudson River never fails to amaze us by its green lushness and clean air. The weather is wonderful; cool nights with sunny, warm days.

We covered about 50 miles, anchoring in Peekskill Bay for the night. The view from here is simply beautiful.


Sunset in Peekskill Bay