Dec 10 to Dec 21, 2011

December 10 to December 11, 2011

…December 8th and 9th…must have been uneventful as I didn’t take any notes resulting in no log for those two days…However, as promised I managed to snap this…



This is a photo of two cruisers standing up in their dinghy – silly right?!?!?!


We were VERY happy to finally leave Lake Worth!!!


We have a slip reserved at the New River Marina in Fort Lauderdale and our plan was to get as close to the marina as possible today. This way we could get settled in early on the 11th in order to do some laundry and pack the boat away before heading to our hotel on the 12th J


The closer we get the Miami the bigger the homes and boats get. I know I’ve said it many times but MAN THERE IS A LOT OF MONEY HERE!! We know where the 1% live!!! ;) Not only are they big but they are decorated for the holidays too.


His and her motor boats…


Most of the homes along the ICW to Ft Lauderdale were decorated for the holidays. We did notice while motoring by that many of them were preparing for some large event; staff were busy setting up chairs and putting out big buffets. While waiting for a bridge to open, I asked a neighboring boat what all the fuss was about. They revealed that tonight was the famous boat parade – apparently it’s a really big deal and it is rated as one of the top five of boat parades in North America!!


We tried our best to get past the parade but were forced to stop by local police and asked to anchor.


Turns out, we had pretty great seats to catch the parade J



One of the boats in the parade all decked out…


The parade really was HUGE!! Lots of mega yachts decorated with lights and Santas.


The following morning we headed to the New River Municipal Marina. It was located off the ICW up the New River. The New River is a very NARROW river that snakes through the downtown core.


Boats docked alongside the New River


We arrived at the Marina to discover that it was located behind the local jail. It was a sketchy area and had NO services. It turned out that if we wanted to do laundry or shower we had to dinghy a mile or so down the river to Cooley’s Landing. We were not comfortable leaving the boat unattended at this marina for the week and asked if there were any docks available at Cooley’s. Sure enough, there was and we

were tucked safely by 1700hrs that afternoon.

December 12 to December 20, 2011

A great week!! Steve’s kids arrived on time and we were all settled into our hotel with our car rental by 1pm.


We saw a lot more of Florida than I expected. The weather this week was nice but wasn’t very good for sun tanning. It was overcast most days, however the bits of sun we did get – we headed to the beach to soak them in.


We spent some time in Miami where we visited the Art Deco District. It was pretty cool at night as the neon lights highlighted the art deco architecture to give it a groovy feel.



Miami – Art Deco District.


We returned to Miami the following day to check out the beaches and go to the Miami Zoo. The Zoo was surprisingly good and a must stop if visiting Miami. The animals are not caged in and the exhibits are natural looking…who knows what it’s like in the back but on the outside we saw many different animals from around the world; tigers, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, gorillas, apes, camels, many different species of birds…etc…


The Giraffe exhibit. Ricky and Steve got to pet them J


The following day we headed to the Keys. It was a nice drive all the way to Key West. We couldn’t help but sing “Aruba, Jamaica, OOooo I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty Mama’s, Key Largo, Montego, Baby why don’t we go down to Kokomo…we’ll get there faster if we take it slow…that’s where we want to gooOOooo. Way down to Kokomo” J by the Beach Boys


The southern tip of Key West…


The water was really was the most beautiful shade of blue!!


Here we are at the most-Southern tip of Florida – look at that water!!!


The rest of the week we spent hanging out around the city and swimming in our hotel pool – which turned out to be GREAT. It was heated and felt like a huge bath - combined with the hot tub – it was a hit with all four of us.


Steve’s parents joined us towards the end of the week. So, we took them to the beach.



Steve, Ricky, Val, Ray and Betty at the beach in Fort Lauderdale


We spent the second last day in Miami, then came back to Fort Lauderdale and had the best Mexican food we’ve ever had!!! The place was called Acapulco Lindo – it was a little hole in the wall that served authentic Mexican food. Everything was under 10$. Betty said the Margarita was delicious and Val had the Sangria which was a no miss…the rest of us took advantage of the two for one beers J



This was my Vegetarian Combo Plate – so much food and they had the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted!!


The group!! Who are very happy to dig into their meal and slightly annoyed that I’ve delayed things by taking yet another picture.


Go to Acapulco Lindo for supper – you will not regret it!!

The following day was filled with teary good-byes, as Steve’s parents made their way back to Florida and his kids boarded the plane back to Ontario. This will be our first Christmas apart. This year, is a year of big changes and new beginnings for all of us and we will miss each other.

December 21, 2011


Time to go!!! Steve got the a weather report and it looks like we may be able to cross into the Bahamas on Friday or Saturday – which means we may be there for Christmas J

There is a heavy current in the New River and we needed to wait until slack tide in order to exit our slip safely – today it was at 1300hrs. I made one last grocery store run for fresh veg and fruit then we were finally ready to head to an anchorage.


Heading out of the New River – on schedule ;)


This is the docking area at the New River Municipal Marina – the jail is the beige building…a little too close for us ;)

We anchored in South Lake around 1530hrs.


Anchorage in South Lake


Steve checked the weather and it appears that Friday could be the day. After supper, we went through our charts and plotted our course to Bimini.


Tomorrow, we will make our way to Key Biscayne to anchor in either Hurricane Harbour or No Name Harbour. We are aiming to anchor early in the afternoon in order to get the boat ready for the crossing; secure everything on deck, stow the dinghy, pack overboard bag and secure everything inside. We will then take a nap – hopefully a long one as we plan to leave around midnight. The crossing should take about 14hrs from our anchorage in Key Biscayne to Alice Town, Bimini where we will clear Customs and Immigration. After, we will tuck in at a marina to get some sleep then head off the following morning to find an anchorage to spend Christmas.


I do not know when our next internet connection will be, so until then...


Happy Holidays :)