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 ...to June 28, 2012

We are home safe and sound! 

If I added up all the money spent on preparing for this little/big trip, Steve and I could have travelled the world once over...in a fancy hotel and eating in upscale restaurants. Instead, we’ve chosen to dump all our money and spare time for the last 5 years into a little 29 foot boat named Diana. Our plan is to take a year off from our regular life and sail her from Ottawa, Ontario Canada to the Bahamas and back.

We bought Diana, a 1979 Alberg – cutter rig in 2005 in view of taking some time off to do something different, to somehow see the world from a different perspective.

Now, we know that taking a year off to sail a boat to paradise doesn’t really spell out “seeing the world from a different perspective” but still, crazy right?!

We feel that by condensing our lives into a vessel the size of some people’s living rooms and hurdling ourselves towards warmer weather - propelled by wind and wits – all the while balancing feelings of fear, frustration and excitement sounds like a pretty interesting way to spend a year.

When we bought Diana, she was sitting in Green Cove Springs, Florida. With sheer determination, two sleep deprived newbie river-sailors sailed her home to Ottawa in 2006 – 1600 miles in 24 days - back in time for work the following Monday.

Six years later, we find ourselves here; deeply committed to this voyage both financially and emotionally. We have literally put our blood, sweat and a lot my frustrated tears into prepping Diana and US for this trip. Some of the most recent upgrades in preparation for this trip are as follows:

· All new wiring

· All new plumbing and toilet

· All new navigation instruments

· Bottom completely refinished

· Top deck completely refinished

· New Battery box

· All new safety gear

· Stove repair – thermostat rebuild

· All sails cleaned, repaired and purchased a new main

We set sail September 2011 heading south towards warmer weather. It’s just me, Steve and our little boat with no refrigeration – simple systems, eager sailors and a little ice box. So, join us on our little adventure because from here on out we are off CHASING ICE!